January 22, 2013   11 Sh'vat 5773
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Ten Minutes of Torah

Nothing in the Torah is coincidental. The repeated use of certain words, the choice of names, the span of time—everything is linked to a greater or deeper theological meaning. Nowhere is this more so than with numbers. Whole fields of study and schools of thought have arisen around the idea that numbers in the Torah [...]

Pursuing Justice on MLK Day

If any one concept best summarizes Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message, it is that of justice. Justice for oppressed individuals, justice for persecuted people, and justice for the broader society. In the era of MLK, the fight for justice was synonymous with the civil rights movement: the quest for equality for people regardless of their [...]

50 Faces of Justice

These five 50 faces of justice are a special group. They are leaders of our Movement from all generations. They have lead us as lay-leaders and as clergy, behind the scenes and quite publicly. We were lucky enough to have over 70 years of support from one of these leaders, and are similarly blessed to [...]

Israelis To Go To Polls

After a hard fought few months of political campaigning, Israelis will go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for the future makeup of the Knesset. It is widely expected that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will win reelection. With a less than productive Knesset, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced in October that Israel would hold early [...]

Martin Luther King and the War in Afghanistan

The national observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just around the corner, so we here at RACblog are taking some time to reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. King and how it relates to the issues that confront us today.  While considerable time should and will be dedicated to Dr. King’s [...]
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